The Center for Energy Research at ETH Zurich

The Energy Science Center (ESC) aims to facilitate the deployment of an environmentally friendly, reliable, low risk, economically viable and socially compatible sustainable energy system.

Linking over fifty professors from eleven ETH Zurich departments, the ESC enhances cooperation between ETH Zurich, industry, government and society on energy related issues.

Energy News


Our new webpage is now online!

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Electricity Consumption of Swiss Data Centers Increasing

A study conducted by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BFE) and the Schweizerische Verband der Telekommunikation (asut) shows the increasing demand of space and electricity of Swiss data centers. 2013 2.8% of all electricity consumed in Switzerland was coming from data centers.  Read more 


ESC Report on Pumped Hydro Storage

Development of a Trilateral Pumped-hydroelectric System in Switzerland, Austria and Germany Read more 

21.07.2014 | Fabio Bergamin | D-BAUG

A village with CO2-neutral buildings is possible

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04.07.2014 | Samuel Schlaefli, Florian Meyer

35,000 schemes designed to boost sustainability at ETH Zurich

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ESC Events

Innovationen fürs Klima: Was braucht es, damit wir handeln können?

Mittwoch, 5. November 2014, 15.30 - 19.00 Uhr, ETH Zürich, Hauptgebäude

Please note that this event will be in German.

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Broschüre (PDF, 528 KB) 

Energieversorgung 2050: Intergration oder Inseldenken?

Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2014, 15.00 - 19.00 Uhr,

ETH Zürich, Hauptgebäude

Please note that this event will be in German

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Previous Events

Zernez Energia 2020 Exhibition

July, 21st - August, 17th 2014

Further details about the event  and the project are available.

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